Sable Systems International

Sable Systems International

Sable Systems is the world’s most trusted provider of tools and expertise for research in the metabolic sciences. Sable provides integrated platforms for metabolic and behavioral phenotyping and testing (e.g. BAT activation, gut microbiota, ingestive behavior) of animal models of diabetes and other obesity-related diseases, enhancing a true translational approach from animal models to man. Only Sable Systems spans the entire model range, from microbiome to Drosophila, rodent to human.

The Promethion Core™ phenotyping platform enables greater statistical power with fewer animals and simultaneous testing of different hypotheses.

The new Promethion LIVE Software at first glance visualizes the data you require in your daily routine as a researcher, scientific technician, animal caretaker, student…..

Sable Systems is eliminating the disconnect between scientists and the people who develop their instruments. We merge authoritative expertise in metabolic physiology and biophysics with an inventive spark to create precision tools for metabolic measurement,  neurophysiology and environmental science.

Sable Systems - By scientists, for scientists

Product video "Promethion CORE"

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