TSE Systems

TSE - Together through Science and Engineering

TSE Systems is the market leader and most innovative and comprehensive solutions provider of phenotyping equipment for metabolic  and behavioral research, integrated wireless telemetry,  and inhalation toxicology.

The company is working in close collaboration with top researchers and opinion leaders worldwide - their multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers anticipates trends in science and translates these into research tools.

For 125 years, TSE has been designing and creating innovative solutions for preclinical in-vivo biomedical research.

We build the most modular, scalable, and robust equipment for your scientific needs. Let our trusted and legendary experience help you achieve the next breakthrough in science!

Better data through better life, better life yields better data.

Our next generation system PhenoMaster offers a variety of modules that can be flexibly employed in accordance with your research goal.

Whether you are researching diabetes, obesity, cancer, or anything else, the PhenoMaster is the right tool to bring your research to the next level.


PhenoMaster - Automated Home Cage Phenotyping

Stellar Telemetry - Wireless Monitoring of Biopotentials

PhenoMaster Brochure

Stellar Telemetry Brochure

Sable Systems

Sable Systems - By scientists, for scientists

Sable Systems is the world’s most trusted provider of tools and expertise for research in the metabolic sciences. The company provides integrated platforms for metabolic and behavioral phenotyping and testing (e.g. BAT activation, gut microbiota, ingestive behavior) of animal models of diabetes and other obesity-related diseases, enhancing a true translational approach from animal models to man. Only Sable Systems spans the entire model range, from microbiome to Drosophila, rodent to human.

Sable Systems is eliminating the disconnect between scientists and the people who develop their instruments. We merge authoritative expertise in metabolic physiology  and biophysics with an inventive spark to create precision tools for metabolic measurement, neurophysiology and environmental science.

The Promethion Core™ metabolic and behavioral measurement system for rodent research delivers highest resolution data regardless of study size. This enables greater statistical power with fewer animals and simultaneous testing of more hypotheses. The integrated data platform features continuous live evaluation of system performance, animal welfare and data quality at a glance.

Systems can be expanded by cutting-edge features like analysis of stable isotopes or high-precision methane monitoring at any time.


Prome­thion CORE Meta­bolic & Be­hav­ior Phe­no­typ­ing Plat­form

Sta­ble Iso­tope An­a­lyzer

Sable Sys­tems - From Fly to Mouse to Hu­man

Sable Sys­tems Prod­uct Overview

Molecular Metabolism

Molecular Metabolism

The journal Molecular Metabolism (Elsevier) is committed to serving as a platform reporting breakthrough discoveries in energy homeostasis and in the etiology, development, treatment and associated health consequences of metabolic disorders, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

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