TSE is the innovative leader in the field of metabolic and behavioral phenotyping. Sound instrumentation based on decades of in-house scientific know-how, unmatched in this industry, in close collaborations with leaders in the field of mammalian metabolism research.

Innovations from TSE include the first introduction of home-cage based metabolic measurements; The first introduction of continuous mode indirect calorimetry.  First and only AAALAC/ FELASA compliant introduction of climate chambers specifically designed for metabolic experiments; first to introduce integrated high-end telemetry with the Stellar telemetry ® platform; First to introduce special microbiome gas sensors; first to introduce sensors for detailed substrate kinetics.

Now, Introducing PhenoMaster NextGeneration, The first unlimited scalable metabolic research platform with high-density metabolic data ™, featuring an open source and open connect™  data analysis platform for high-end correlative analysis, presentation, visualization, and modeling of relevant data in real time. 

TSE, sophisticated life science instrumentation through leading innovation

Sable Systems is the world’s most trusted provider of tools and expertise for research in the metabolic sciences. Sable provides integrated platforms for metabolic and behavioral phenotyping and testing (e.g. BAT activation, gut microbiota, ingestive behavior) of animal models of diabetes and other obesity-related diseases, enhancing a true translational approach from animal models to man. Only Sable Systems spans the entire model range, from microbiome to Drosophila, rodent to human.

The new Promethion Core™ phenotyping platform is the first and only metabolic and behavioral measurement system that utilizes modern digital and computer technology to deliver the highest resolution data regardless of study size. This enables greater statistical power with fewer animals and simultaneous testing of more hypotheses.

Sable Systems is eliminating the disconnect between scientists and the people who develop their instruments. We merge authoritative expertise in metabolic physiology and biophysics with an inventive spark to create precision tools for metabolic measurement, neurophysiology and environmental science.

Sable Systems - By scientists, for scientists

According to the guidelines of the FSA Code of Conduct or other codes, we disclose the financial support of:

DZD € 10,000
TSE Systems € 10,000
Sable Systems € 3,000

Only scientific parts of the program are sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.

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